• In the My SSL certificates table, be sure to note the StreamLock hostname value for the certificate under Hostname. You'll use it when you configure client applications to connect to Wowza Streaming Engine over an SSL connection (RTMPS or HTTPS).  
  • If an error occurs when you're requesting the certificate, follow the instructions on the page. If you still have problems acquiring a certificate, contact billing@wowza.com.

StreamLock 을 걸기위한 삽질이 시작되었다. 결과는 일단 성공이다.

My SSL Certificate 테이블에서, Hostname 아래에 있는 certificate 에 대한 StreamLock hostname value 를 확실히 인지하세요.

SSL 연결안에서 Wowza Streaming Engine 에 Client Application 을 연결하기 위해서 설정할 때 이걸 사용할 겁니다.

(말이 졸라 어렵다. 그냥 연결할때 쓸꺼니까 알아두라는 소리다)




이걸 Flash Video 로 재생해보자.

참고로 아래의 답변엔 streamlock 도 고유한 포트를 적어줘야 재생가능하다고 나온다

Streamlock URL works in the server, where certificate is installed , but not accessable over the internet

I have downloaded the streamlock certificate from wowza and installed it.

As my website iis and wowza are in same server, i have configured the port for streamlock to 1937

And the HLS stream seems to work when i access it from the server.

sample stream:https://599bf0a41546e.streamlock.net:1937/live/FRA1086501.stream/playlist.m3u8

But when i try to access it over the internet, it fails.

Below is the error msg in chrome

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Answer by Alex C 

Hello @Navin Chandran,

Thanks for using Wowza Forums.

I tried to access your server to check the version by going here:

http://599bf0a41546e.streamlock.net:1935 (was looking for something like this: Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Subscription Edition 4.7.2 build20903)

Nothing came back, telling me that either the ports are not open on the system, or the IP for your StreamLock is not correctly configured.

Check the StreamLock setup under you account, also check that relevant ports are open on your system. Test playback without Streamlock and see how that works.


Alex c.

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