Jeffs4653 commented on 14 Feb 2017

Having gotten the program to work with two SSD1306 128x64 0.96" displays, I'm trying to move forward with the actual second display I wish to use. This is an Adafruit Featherwing OLED display which is listed as a SSD1306 128x32 I2C. I find no direct constructor for a display of this dimension on the 1306 (I saw one for the SSD1305, but it didn't work properly.)

My desire is to use a primary display of 128x64:
U8G2_SSD1306_128X64_NONAME_F_HW_I2C screen1

and the secondary display of 128x32, which would be something like:
U8G2_SSD1306_128X32_NONAME_F_HW_I2C screen2

As of now the second constructor 'U8G2_SSD1306_128X32_NONAME_F_HW_I2C' does not name a type.

Also, I belive I found some errors in the documentation for the constructors. There are many listed as:
U8G2_SSD1306_128X64_NONAME_F_HW_I2C(rotation, [reset [, clock, data]]), but in the actual code I'm using it's "rotation, clock, data, reset"

실제적으로 Constructor 에 의해서 인자값이 여러개로 다른 형태로 주어질 수 있지만, 그건 미리 사전정의된 함수명에 의해서 인자의 갯수가 달라지도록 정의되어 있다.



olikraus commented on 14 Feb 2017

The Featherwing OLED is actually a Univision OLED, the constructors are something like this. In the example, the FeatherWing OLED is also named.

//U8G2_SSD1306_128X32_UNIVISION_1_SW_I2C u8g2(U8G2_R0, /* clock=/ 21, / data=/ 20, / reset=/ U8X8_PIN_NONE); // Adafruit Feather M0 Basic Proto + FeatherWing OLED
//U8G2_SSD1306_128X32_UNIVISION_1_SW_I2C u8g2(U8G2_R0, / clock=/ SCL, / data=/ SDA, / reset=/ U8X8_PIN_NONE); // Adafruit Feather ESP8266/32u4 Boards + FeatherWing OLED
//U8G2_SSD1306_128X32_UNIVISION_1_HW_I2C u8g2(U8G2_R0, / reset=/ U8X8_PIN_NONE); // Adafruit ESP8266/32u4/ARM Boards + FeatherWing OLED
//U8G2_SSD1306_128X32_UNIVISION_1_HW_I2C u8g2(U8G2_R0, / reset=/ U8X8_PIN_NONE, / clock=/ SCL, / data=*/ SDA); // pin remapping with ESP8266 HW I2C

Yes, this was newly introduced for the ESP8266 --> #158

Featherwing OLED 는 실제적으로 Univision OLED 라고 서술하고 있다.


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